We are excited to have you be interested in hiring us as the photographers to help you capture your moment and memories!  We are located in Herriman, Utah and mostly do shoots in the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley.  We mostly meet our clients anywhere within 30 minutes of Herriman without additional charges.  If your location is further than that we will have to discuss travel fees.  Jeff also has a day job not related to photography which means it would be a rare exception to do your shoot outside of evenings and weekends.  We don't shoot on Sunday.  

For school dances we shoot in our basement with white or black backdrops and studio lighting.  If you don't want a natural background in your single or family portraits we can arrange to have you come to our house for a similar kind of shoot (great for toddlers).

Below is the pricing for the various types of photography we do.  If you have a special situation not covered by the pricing below then send a note to jeff@jsharmonphotos.com and we would love to talk about your shoot.

There are no limits to the number of scene or clothing changes.  When you hire us we shoot as many shots as we can fit into the time you have paid for.  Included with every shoot you get copies of every photo we take.  In fact, we believe that you are the best judge of the photos we take and have you choose from among the hundreds to thousands of photos we take during our session that you want to have professionally edited.  We retain the copyright to the photos and may use any of them for marketing our photography services but we license them all to you for you to use as you see fit.






Family Portraits $300 10 2 hours
Senior Portraits $200 10 1.5 hours
Bridals $300 10 1.5 hours
Engagements $400 10 2 hours
Children's Portraits $100 5 1 hour
Family Reunion / Large Groups

$250 base

+ $80/family

4/big family 

+ 5/little family

2 hours
Reception / Event

$250 first hour

+ $100/hour after

7 per hour variable

School Dance

(3 couple minimum)

$20 per couple


+4 group

30 minutes
Baptism $100 5 1.5 hours
Wedding*** $500 20 2 hours

* We hear it all the time.  Customers just can't narrow their favorites from our shoots down to the number of photos they get in the base package.  More professional edits of the photos from the shoot can be purchased at $5 for each edit
** Additional time is $50 for every 30 minutes.
*** Jeff works a 9-5 non-photography job and availability for a wedding shoot is very limited.