Learn to Be a NINJA With Your Camera!

If you are joining me at the Improve Photography Retreat in March of 2018 in Charleston, South Caronlina and would like to become a ninja with your camera then consider my post-Retreat workshop.  The workshop will be held on March 24th 2018 in the afternoon just after the Retreat has finished.  Read on to find out what we will be doing in the 7 hour workshop from 12:30pm through 8pm (1 hour break for dinner) and why it is this is the most inexpensive way to improve your photography!

Who Is This Workshop For?

Beginners are very welcome and will no doubt make significant strides towards learning how to use their camera, but this workshop will most benefit the photographer who knows their way around their camera but isn't quite getting the results they want.  If you feel like you are getting an occasional photo you are proud of but want more consistent results then this workshop is for you.

Learn How to Level Up Your Ninja Skills

If you have listened to the Photo Taco podcast on the Improve Photography Network you have heard me talk about how it is far more important to learn everything there is to know about how to use your camera than it is to buy newer and more expensive gear.  The very best there is from Canon, Nikon, Sony and the like won't mean much if you don't know how to use it.  As a hobbyist photographer I fully understand how important it is to get the most out of every precious dollar spent on photography.  Price to performance is a critical thing and in this workshop you will learn how to improve the performance you get out of the gear you already have.  Your gear is better than you think.  Invest in this workshop and learn how to use it better.

At the 2017 Improve Photography Retreat I did a similar workshop as well as two different hour long sessions during the Retreat on this same topic.  Almost without fail photographers seem to over-estimate how much they know their camera.  They think they are a ninja when they are not.  To start things off we will meet in the building where the Retreat was held and walk through the Improve Photography level assessment so that all of the attendees can figure out where they are and what they should be working on to level up.

Be An Exposure Ninja

Are you fully comfortable and confident shooting in manual mode?  Not that manual mode is ALWAYS the right mode, because it isn't (and we will go through why).  Some of you considering this workshop will be interested because you know you are not an exposure triangle ninja.  Others are thinking this part of the workshop will be something you already know and are thinking this workshop might not be for you.  I can almost guarantee you will be surprised as we go over this in the workshop.  The common them from my workshop attendees last year and those who attended my sessions at the Retreat was surprise about how much they got out of the training.

During this part of the workshop we will go over significant detail of the exposure controls and use hands-on shooting to improve your decision making of what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings to use.  We will give you the tools to become an exposure ninja so that you can approach a shot knowing what settings you need to use to get the results you want.

Become A Focus Ninja

The most common problem photographers struggle with longer than exposure is getting tack sharp focus.  What many don't realize is that not truly understanding exposure leads to focus issues as much as choosing the right focus mode and points.  In this workshop each attendee will learn how to improve the number of shots that are in sharp focus.  Like exposure, through a combination of discussing the details and hands on shooting attendees will come away from the workshop armed with the tools to be a focus ninja and improve the percentage of keepers from your shoots.