Our Gear

Below is the gear we own and use to produce the photos you see here on our website, gear we have owned in the past, or gear we have enough familiarity to recommend.  A recommendation is not given lightly to any of the photography products making this list.  We won't recommend any photography product without significant real-world testing or experience.  Unless otherwise noted, the gear we own has been purchased with the limited funds available on our hobbyist photography budget.  That makes this list of more value than many you may find because it is gear that enables a photographer to get professional results with as small as price tag as possible.

If you decide to buy something on this list based on our recommendation, we would love it if you would use the links here to buy on Amazon.  Doesn't cost you any extra money but will give us a few dollars to help us keep this list updated.

Something else that we hope you find valuable here is a really strong recommendation to avoid a nasty disease most people find themselves with shortly after getting into photography.  It is a commonly referred to as Gear Acquisition Syndrome or GAS for short.  Yes, you need a certain amount of gear to do photography.  Yes, the more expensive the gear the more it capable it is (mostly).  However, getting great photos has more to do with learning how to be a ninja with the gear you have than having the very latest and most expensive photography equipment available.  There is always going to be better cameras, lenses, flashes, light modifiers, etc that promise to help you get better photos.  You may even see a lot of hype about a new piece of great that is a "game changer" or gets some kind of "must have" recommendation from famous photographers but we strongly believe that the best investments you can make to get better as a photographer is hands-on learning how to use the gear you already have.  Before investing an any new gear, check out Jeff's Photo Taco podcast episode When is it time to upgrade your camera?

Entry Level Kit

This is the gear we recommend for a person who wants to get into photography.



Serious Hobbyist Kit

We currently own the fantastic Canon 7D Mark II crop sensor body.  We bought the camera shortly after it was released in 2014 and it has been our primary work horse ever since.  If you follow Jeff on Facebook or listen to his Photo Taco and Improve Photography podcasts then you know that he LOVES this camera body.  We feel it is one of the best bodies a serious hobbyist can own.  In fact, Jeff called it the Ultimate Camera Body for photographers in an article he wrote for ImprovePhotography.com.  We highly recommend the camera as one that is easy to use, highly versatile, and useful for ALL types of photography.  We have used this body for portraits (seniors, family, engagements, wedding), landscapes, sports, and astro photography.

Many hobbyists start out with a crop-sensor camera like we 

  The Tamron SP 24-70mm Di VC USD lens
The Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX II Digital Zoom Lens is a really high quality lens I have used in much of my landscape photography here in the great state of Utah in the United States.  What makes it even better is the price!  It may seem like it is expensive, but the price is very reasonable as camera lenses go.  I guarantee it will be better than any kit lens that comes with your camera, and will even compete very well with some of the significantly more expensive lenses from Canon or Sigma.