Sports Team Process

Step 1 - Date/Time and Location For The Shoot

We need to collaborate on where we will do the shoot. We use a green screen to do sports teams shoots so that we can extract the athletes and put them in fun backgrounds. It is best if we can set up our screen and lights indoors with a room that is at least 12 feet wide and 20 feet long. School gyms work really well for this. Even better if the indoor location is near practice, team photo day before practice starts helps everyone.

As you think about finding an indoor location, you need to consider the time we need to do the shoot.

  • 20 minutes for us to set up the screen and lights. If possible we would like to do this before the athletes are at the location.
  • 5-10 minutes getting the athletes lined up in order by jersey number and providing instructions on how to pose.
  • 3 minutes per athlete to shoot the 7 poses
  • 10 minutes for us to take down the green screen and lights.

If the team has 12 athletes the shoot should be about an hour.

If we can't find an indoor location near the team, it is possible to do the shoot outdoors. The downside is that wind and other weather (including a super bright sun) make the shoot more challenging for all of us.

Work with Suzie on the date/time: or text to 801-913-5545.

Step 2 - Team Roster and Parents List

Before the day of the shoot we need a roster that has:

  • Athlete Name: first, last (if the athlete goes by a nickname, use that as the first name)
  • Year in school
  • Jersey Number
  • Position
  • Parent Name: first, last (as many as wanted per athlete)
  • Email Address (as many as wanted per athlete)

The athlete information is used to create the individual images of the athletes. We usually put their name and jersey number somewhere on the images. 

The parent names and email addresses will be used for two purposes:

  1. Have a parent electronically sign a contract for the photography services we agree to provide and allow us to use the images we create in the shoot to market our photography business. We need to complete this before the shoot.
  2. After the shoot, within two weeks, we will send emails to the parents that contain a link to a custom online photo gallery for their athlete. The gallery is very easy to use and this is where parents can order prints and/or digital copies of the images we create. We will send the links to the online galleries to as many email addresses as we are provided per athlete.

Step 3 - Do The Shoot

Pretty straight forward. We meet with the team at the agreed upon location at the time needed to do our setup. We do the shoot and get things taken down as quickly as possible.

Step 4 - Process The Shoot

We will professionally process the shoot, then get the online galleries out to the parents so that they can order prints and/or full resolution downloads of the images we create. Unless we let you know ahead of time, we do this within 2 weeks of the shoot.

Step 5 - School Order

Any digital or print picture that is strictly for school use only we will provide at or near cost to us. We try to make these photo opportunities for schools as affordable as possible as a community service. Just contact Suzie with what is needed for the school (yearbook photo, hallway case displays, vinyl senior banners to hang, etc.) and we will work with you to get them processed.

Step 6 - Families Order

Once the parents have the online galleries, they have one month from the date we send the galleries out to make orders. Parents will have the option to order print packages, a full resolution download package, or they can mix/match a la carte.

Check out more information on our Sports Team Pricing.