Sports Photography

Sports Teams and Individuals

We have worked with numerous recreation, competition, and high school teams to do both team and individual photos. We offer classic photos taken where the teams play but specialize in capturing images of the athletes in front of a green screen so that they can be composited into backgrounds that really pop.

Action Photos

Live game photography where we attend and capture images from the sporting event. We can be hired to capture images for a single athlete during the event or the best moments for the entire team.

Sports Banners

High School teams like to give the outgoing seniors a gift to remember their years representing the school as an athlete. One of the most popular is a nearly life-sized vinyl banners that hang up where they play during the season and are given to them when their time has finished.

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Service Area

We provide professional sports photography services to the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley (Herriman Utah area).

Our Sports Team Process

If you are interested in hiring us to create unforgettable team and individual sports photos for your team, check out our Sports Team Process to see if our workflow is a fit for you.